I get quite a few people asking similar questions, so this is a page of similar answers!
I Hear You Hate Photoshop - Whats The Deal?
To be clear, I don't hate photoshop or the digital workflow. I'll do exposure correction, levels, dodge and burn, and i'll remove obvious blemishes digitally like everyone else. But that's it, and it's a 10 minute rule. At 10 minutes I accept the image just isn't right, write it off and plan to shoot another instead.
I've got two reasons for this. Firstly, I suffer with blepharitis - an eye condition which is largely brought on by looking at screens for too long. My eyes stop blinking, dry up and then it hurts. A lot. For days. Pavlov and his dogs couldn't have made a better incentive for me to minimise time in digital post.
The second reason is that I'm actually against most of what photoshop is used (or abused) for these days anyway. What I see too often is overcooking where it wasn't needed. Too many plasticised faces where every pore has been cloned out - it's just not my bag. Don't get me wrong, I see some artists producing astounding visual art using photoshop, and I applaud them. But for me, that's not photography, that's something else that uses photography as a raw material. 
Instead, I try to put my energy into getting it right at the point where I take the shot. If I got it right, then I don't have to spend more than 10 minutes on it at the computer desk later. It's an old school methodology, but it suits me well and means my post workflow is pretty much the same in digital or film.
For software these days I use Nikon Capture/View NX-i, DXO's Nik Tools, DXO Photo Lab. I used to use Lightroom until Adobe got too greedy with their subscription model, not any more!
I'm In A Shot You Took, I'm Not Happy About You Selling An Image With Me In It.
Well, no has said this yet (as it's rare I shoot street images anyway), but if this is the case I'm very sorry to hear it and I want you to email me and tell me right away. Include a picture of yourself taken with a phone or webcam so I can see that it really is you in the picture and not a hoax. The reality is that with event or re-enactment images, you guys in the shot are probably the only people who would buy it anyway. I'm not out to exploit you so if you're that sure you don't want it out on the web, then I don't want it taking up site space either.
What Kind Of Camera Do You Use?
Early on I spent a lot of time exclusively using Leica's M system rangefinders in film and digital,  indulging my 120 roll film addiction with an old Hasselblad here and there. It was a great place to start - the mimimalism of the M really teaches you how a camera works.
However, these days I shoot Nikon.  I use a D610 or an F6 with a bag of old AIS manual lenses, it's all I need and the whole rig costs less than one Leica lens.  The Leica is an iconic camera, and has some beautiful glass. I'm lucky to have been able to learn how to shoot with one -  but I'm not willing to spend that kind of cash on depreciating technology anymore. Perhaps I am finally getting a little wiser as I get older!
I use a combo of Arri Fresnels and Elinchrom scan lights for studio work, and good old fashioned natural light with an occasional reflector or fill flash outdoors.
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