My name is John Tuckey. I was born in 1973 and I'm an art college dropout who fell into a career in IT and then finally found photography much later in life. 
Like many fellow photographers who get 'the bug' I've spent several years trying to push my work and make a passion pay for itself, and like many others I've hit brick wall after brick wall. So, these days my photography is more focused on personal work.
Whether it's a studio portrait or a travel memory, my passion has always been for monochrome. Whether it's an RKO radio classic film, an old Pathe Newsreel, or an old copy of 'LIFE', I've always been fascinated by the world seen in black and white.
If I'm in the studio I draw heavily on this rich monochrome heritage. Timeless scenes, and beautiful women, elegantly portrayed. For some these days this is no longer art, but I hope all would agree there is artisanship nonetheless.
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